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AVATAR - Unleash Your Divine Brilliance

Here's What You Get 

Over 16 hrs of training that will teach you how to identify your unique brilliance. Acknowledge all your strengths without the filter of weaknesses.

Discover your untapped potential and liberate yourself from self-imposed limits! So that you can increase with self-worth to increase your net-worth
(Worth £888)

✔️ Discover your untapped potential and liberate yourself from self-imposed limits!

✔️ Learn how to move through mistakes faster and soften the blow so that you can grow, evolve and transcend the suffering.

✔️ The big uplevels in your self-care physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually as the Queen of your life. 

✔️ Get ready to elevate your vision, mission and calling whether it’s on video, audio or written word. Your voice, your message delivered from soul.

✔️  Claim your soul’s blueprint, you activate more of your abundance so that you can fulfil your mission.

✔️  Cultivate self-mastery amidst the chaos of the outside world. Be available to step into the realm of possibility, potentiality and expansion. 

✔️  Strengthening self-mastery, staying committed and channeling your "how" to take those soul-aligned actions. With a powerful guided meditation. 


Prework: Remembering Your Truth
Day 1: Embracing the Learning Process
Day 2: Treating Yourself with Extreme Self-care
Day 3: Silencing the Inner Critic
Day 4: Increase Self-worth to Increase Net-worth
Day 5: Cultivating Confidence

What you'll get:

  • 5 video trainings
  • 2 Bonus Recorded Hotseat Laser Coaching Calls
  • Lifetime access to all the training
  • Bonus content added at no extra cost.


BONUS 1: Remembering the Promises You Made Before this Incarnation

You'll channel your divine timings so that your manifestations are accelerated.

(Worth £97) FREE TODAY


BONUS 2: Soul Blueprint Activation

Guided Meditation to activate ancient knowledge and coding that is carried within your soul and activating it in this incarnation.

(Worth £97) FREE TODAY


BONUS 3: LIFE ASSESSMENT: Where you are now and where you desire to be

We'll evaluate your current standards in life and business and uplevel where required. Create a new set of non-negotiables to increase the quality of your life. We'll review your current business systems and process to streamline and automate.

(Worth £197) FREE TODAY


BONUS 4:  7 Principles of the Most Successful People in the World

We've hacked the principles, practices and mindset for the multi-millionaires, billionaires and luminary leaders

(Worth £111) FREE TODAY


BONUS 5:  How can it get better than this?

We're raising your frequency through practices and high-performance habits. Be open to miracles. Be open and be available to all the different ways in which abundance shows up for you. 

(Worth £97) FREE TODAY


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