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Lotus Meditation by Anna Kitney

Powerful Guided Meditation to Transform Suffering into Joy, Happiness and Grace

This powerful guided meditation is designed to heal ancestral wounds and transform your story of suffering. And turn pain into a blessing so that you learn from this gift. To create a life with joy, happiness and grace.

With empowering belief downloads and energetic frequency upgrade with your higher self and soul.

We'll release karmic contracts and cords so that you can forgive and release the past.

Feel the presence of the ascended masters as they will continue to work with you on the astral plane during your sleep cycle to continue the healing.

You'll receive a special gift from your soul that will elevate your vibration and provide new insight into the situation.

If there is no mud, there can be no lotus.

The mud provides the nutrients so that the lotus can blossom. And when the lotus flower withers, it decomposes to provide mud for the next flower.

  • Downloadable 30 mins mp3
  • Includes lecture with Anna Kitney
  • Journalling prompts