Manifesting the Miraculous


Unleashing the power of daily miracles: through the receiving sequence.

Becoming and Embodying the Bold, Brave & Magnetic

For the trailblazer, mavericks and emerging leaders who desire great impact. It's a liberation from collective consciousness suppression. Unleash your magic power to manifest miracles daily.

  1. Discover the powerful manifesting process I use to get what I want, just like magic 
  2. Liberation from old rules. The ones that never served you in the first place. To tap into your true authentic identity.
  3. Declare your audacious, amazing, glorious self. Don't hold back. Your magnificence, your wonder, your soul magic is waiting to be unleashed upon the world. Through Gods grace is done, it done, it is done.
  4. The powerful and simple tool to transform your identity into your ideal best self. You literally start to become a magnet to your desires.
  5. How to Manifest Anything that You Want. What they DON'T tell you about the Secret to manifesting.
  6. Learn how to create daily miracles in your life for your health, wealth and love life.
  7. Sometimes we are manifesting what we don't want. BONUS training on how to STOP manifesting crap from the universe! And how to shift into manifesting what we DESIRE instead.
  8. Cultivating courage to make the big and bold moves. It'a not about doing more, it's about doing less, but better.
  9. You're reverse engineering your success. This has to be in the top 10 best of my teachings! As we enter the Quantum Realm of magic and miracles that has always been available to you.

What you'll get:

  • 5 video trainings on with homework in each module. (over 5hrs of content)
  • BONUS: Manifesting from the Quantum Field - why you might be manifesting what you DON'T want!
  • BONUS: Soul Blueprint Activation
  • BONUS: LIFE ASSESSMENT: Where you are now and where you desire to be
  • BONUS: 7 Principles of the Most Successful People in the World
  • BONUS: How can it get better than this with the One Thing that will change everything?
  • Lifetime access
  • Added content at no extra cost

Non-refundable and non-exchangeable

NOTE: This is a self-study program. It does not include live support or live coaching. We have masterminds and group programs for this level of support. Book a clarity call to learn more.





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