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I'm here to help you get started in your new business.

Together with energetic alignment, mindset reprogramming, and practical tools and action steps designed to get your first clients fast! This is an action orientation program to help brand-new healers, coaches and wellness therapists to position themselves for success from day one!

It's everything I wish I had been taught when I first started as a healer over 14 years ago. I want it to be an easier and faster journey for you.

You're in the
right place...

If you're the soulful entrepreneur who is a LIFE COACH, WELLNESS THERAPIST or ENERGY HEALER who's finally ready to start her own business, then you're in the right place. You want to create an abundant life while serving the world, making an impact in your greatest joy and most powerful way.

But, you have no idea how you're actually going to make it all work, or where to even start! You're overwhelmed and confused. You're crippled by the fear of rejection.

But.... you'd love to be able to work from anywhere in the world serving your promised people.

You desire freedom in your practice and a deep knowing that your clients are global.


Getting started

Get Clients

Getting started Okay! So you've recently qualified as a healer, coach or therapist, and now what?

You're wondering how to get started in your new business. I've spent the last 14 years learning how to build a thriving $1.4 million healing and coaching business! I've consolidated everything that I've learnt and simplified it to get you clients fast!

This digital online course will take you through the basics of getting started from how to market and sell your services, how to get the perfect-for-you clients.

Is this you?

  • Are you struggling to bring in dream clients, feeling desperate to work with anyone, who'll pay you anything?

  • Do you feel ashamed about asking for money for your great work?
  • Are you under-charging or giving all your sessions away for free?
  • Are you scared to be visible for fear of been judged in your new start-up?
  • Are you overwhelmed and confused about where to even begin; social media, build a website, a blog, podcast, Facebook lives, webinars, funnels, paid advertising...?
  • Are you still waiting for everything to be perfect before you start taking on clients?


If you’re struggling to bring in dream clients. If you’re drowning in thoughts of panic over showing up and boldly selling your work. Hiding and feeling shame about selling your transformational work.

If you’re trapped in under-earning and yet you know you’re destined to serve deeply and be a leader. It’s time for you to sell your potent work with power instead of suffering in discounting, under-earning and the crucifying fear of what people might think of you.


program benefits


program benefits
  • Raise your energetic frequency to manifest your soul-aligned clients. Move from fear, lack, worry, frustration to passion, connection and service so you can energetically magnetize your ideal clients instead of 'hunting' for them.

  • We'll be expanding your energetic container to receive more. Releasing resistance to receiving plenty, so that you can raise your rates. Get well paid for your great work.

  • Discover a simple process to get clients fast. A low tech, high-touch process to attract your soul-aligned clients with ease and grace. Discover what you'll be offering your potential clients.

  • Success is 80% psychology. Release old stories of struggle. We'll reprogram your mindset for success. This is vital for your strategy to work!


Hi, I'm
Anna Kitney

I’m a Theta Healing® Master Instructor and Practitioner, High-Performance Coach, International Speaker and Spiritual Business Advisor. 

I’ve been running businesses since I was 23 years old. I was a Graphic Designer, Brand Designer, Art Director, Photographer and Interior Designer in my former life before I became spiritually awakened.

When I moved into the energy healing industry, I struggled to get clients and students in my business. I saw so many other healers and therapists with a huge poverty mentality, low self-worth, shame around charging money for spiritual work and lots of unprofessional practices that was damaging the reputation of the industry.

But I loved the work so much I was determined to make it work, no matter what. I hired coaches, joined masterminds, bought programs until I figured out the formula for success. Now I’ve trained thousands of therapists internationally.

I've built a thriving healing business generating over half a million pounds serving tens of thousands of people globally. 

I’ve worked across a broad range of industries but am ultimately committed to empowering women through personal growth and spiritual transformation so that they can get their greatest work out into the world.



What's inside
the modules.


The Energetic Upgrade

Raise your energetic frequency to manifest your soul-aligned clients.

Move from fear, lack, worry, frustration to passion, connection and service.

We'll be expanding your energetic container to receive more. Releasing resistance to receiving plenty.



Simple Strategy to Get Clients

Discover a simple process to get clients fast.

A low tech, high-touch process to attract your soul-aligned clients with ease and grace.

Discover what you'll be offering your potential clients.



Mindset Shift to Attract Soul-Aligned Clients

Uplevel your mindset for success.

Success is 80% psychology. Release old stories of struggle. We'll reprogram your mindset for success.

We’ll be clearing self-limiting beliefs about:
  • selling your great work
  • increasing your self worth
  • faith in your process, modality, your abilities, skillset 
  • fear of rejection, judgement and attack
  • fear of losing people, or leaving friend ls behind when you succeed
  • lack and scarcity
  • competition with your peers - undercutting, manipulation, fear-based tactics
  • letting go of the story of struggle
  • letting go of ‘either/or’ and replacing it with ‘both’.
You can have it all.



Tools to Grow Your Business

Uplevel your game plan.

Every business requires a plan. And effective tools to implement it. Discover the powerful tools you need that will streamline your client attracting process.

  1. Prosperity Tracker Tool 
  2. The magic question to get engagement?
  3. Daily Mantra’s



Getting Paid for Your Great Work

Uplevel Your Service

Learn how to elegantly close a soul-aligned client without desperation or feeling salesy. Discover how to get paid for your great work with ease and grace. And a chance to witness live coaching from Anna Kitney.

  1. My Million Dollar Discovery Call Template - how to close a high-end client (PDF in the downloads section)
  2. How to have clients earn the right to work with you
  3. Getting paid before the session











Let's get started

this program is
perfect for you if...

You'll gain clarity on who your soul-aligned clients are, the problem you solve for them, and the irrisible offer that sells itself.

You'll start earning money from your gifts and talents in 5 days!*

You'll gain confidence in how to sell your services with integrity, authenticity and soul.

You’re sick of under-earning and under-charging.

You’ve had enough of client no-show's and giving away all your time for free.

You’re done with enrolling onto yet another course, to clear more blocks before you're ready to start manifesting real clients.

And you're ready to get started now, to show up boldly and service the world in your greatest capacity!





This digital online course is an intensive immersion
into magnetizing soul-aligned clients.
It's designed as the fastest and easiest way for
brand new healers, coaches, and therapists
to get clients without a website.

Digital course



Super easy and affordable payment plan designed for the start-up.
You get instant access to all the modules, nothing is locked.
Let's get started now!



I've just qualified, is it too soon?

If you've found your way to this webpage, it's no accident. The universe is calling you to rise up and service with your gifts. Your qualifications AND life experience make you an expert.

What about refunds?

If after reviewing your course content, you feel this is not for you, please email us at [email protected] within 24 hours of your purchase and we will issue you a refund. You then must delete all course material from all your devices.

Is this program Live or recorded?

We wanted to make this program super affordable, so this is a digital course only. New modules will be added at no further cost as we continue to improve the program.

How long does it take to complete the program?

You get lifetime access, so you can go at your own pace. If you want your first clients in the next 5 days of enrolling, then you'll need to set aside 2 hours a day to watch the trainings and complete the homework.

I'm a coach, will this work for me?

Although we use energy healing in this program as a method to transform self-limiting beliefs, this program is intensive and robust so that it will work with any service-based industry. I can't guarantee exact results. However, if you follow the process and complete the action steps you're well on your way to building your business faster than if you tried to do this on your own.

Will I need additional investment in the business, apart from the cost of this program?

This program is designed as a lean / bootstrap start-up. We know you've already invested a lot in your certification training, so we want you earning money as soon as possible. So the strategies we teach cost you nothing or minimal. We have some free resources for you inside the program you can access to help build your business.

How do I access the materials?

When you purchase, you'll use your email address to create your own login to my easy-to-use online learning platform. After that, you can login to 24/7 from anywhere in the world to access your content. My web-based online learning platform works beautifully on mobile, tablets, and computer browsers. You never lose access to the program and can return to any video or download at any time if you need a refresher.

Can men buy this program?

Of course, men are most welcome. We have a few already registered in the program.











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