The Masterclass to heal the past, live from soul alignment in the present and dream a beautiful future.

  1. How to rapidly heal past trauma without reliving it.
  2. How to embrace the life lessons towards rapid growth.
  3. Embracing failure as a powerful learning and gift.
  4. Learn to access the Akashic records to unlock ancient codes and wisdom.
  5. The Quantum leap in your results, making the impossible possible!
  6. Cultivating courage and personal power to make bold moves in your life.
  7. Soulfire activation - the Quickening of the Soul's Purpose
  8. BONUS: The SOULFIRE PLAN - your channelled game plan to fullfill your mission and purpose.

What you'll get:

  • 4 Recorded Trainings
  • BONUS: The Quantum Leap Meditation
  • Bonus module will be added

 Non refundable, non-transferrable


£333.00 GBP