Declare your grand vision and purpose to manifest an extraordinary life.

This will be the life upgrade of mind, body and soul. The evolution of your identity into your best self. The letting go of the story of struggle and into your true power. Collapsing time to embody that person now!  Women who self appoint themselves to lead others. Permission. Was never required!

She is the sovereign of her empire.
She delegates.
She empowers.
She owns her worth.
She commands.
She has high standards.
She knows what she wants.
She decrees her intent…
This is her MANIFESTO

The vision, the mission, the message, the strategy.
She is led by a higher Divine Power

This will be the sacred declaration, the powerful and bold intention of your desires and into soul-aligned action. The building of momentum and the magnetism of abundant opportunities.

  1. Give yourself full permission to be all of you.
  2. How to shift into your new identity instantly. No "integration" time is required.
  3. Become magnetic to money, clients, health and love
  4. Defining your life manifesto, your declaration
  5. Manifesting from alignment, flow and ease. The end of hustle and grind to be worthy.
  6. The 3 step process to manifest what you want
  7. How to collapse self limiting beliefs quickly.
  8. How to handle resistance, self sabotage and upper limits
  9. Expanding your upper limits to receive more. Collapse time and make the quantum jump.
  10. The universal law of Assumption - act as if it's already happened
  11. The embodiment of your best future self in the now!

What included:

  • 5 Recorded Trainings
  • Journalling and digging prompt.
  • Exclusive Bonus content added
  • Lifetime access to the replay
  • BONUS: 2 Live trainings 6th & 13th Feb, 5pm GMT. Mastery of the Embodiment Process.


£675.00 GBP