Quantum Leaping


REPLAY - 5hrs of content

With Self-Made 7-Figure Spiritual Business Coach, Anna Kitney.

The masterclass and meditation of the energetic codes of the unseen forces. Transcending the imaginary boundaries and achieving dramatic performance breakthroughs. Activating the unconventional, bold and unexpected that goes beyond the next logical step.

  1. How to access the quantum field and entangle with infinite possibilities.
  2. Awaken to your future best self and how to embody that person into the now.
  3. Energy clearing to access the infinite possibilities, to transcend paradigms. Making the impossible, possible. A liberation from old stories, programs and wounds that hold back your power and access the higher realms.
  4. The mechanics and principles of Quantum Leaping.
  5. Quantum Leaping Meditation - accessing the quantum field to energetically align to the new alternative reality. To entangle with your ideal best potential reality and bring it into this dimension.
  6. The energetic codes of the unseen forces that will enable you to access knowledge and wisdom across time and space.
  7. The soul-led strategy reverse engineered from the quantum. Collapse time, avoid the pitfalls and optimize opportunities in your life and business.

What you'll get:

  • 3.5hrs Masterclass, Meditation & Energy Clearing - the deep dive!
  • BONUS:The SoulAlign® Quantum Leaping Process - navigating the process (50 mins)
  • BONUS: Shifting the Paradigm - Beliefs can automatically collapse when you vibrational align to a new frequency on the quantum realm. Tapping into the field of infinite possibilities.
  • BONUS: Allowing Overflow Meditation & Microcosmic Orbit
  • BONUS: Manifesting from the Quantum Field - how manifestation is occurring in the quantum
  • Recorded Q&A
  • Lifetime Access

Non refundable. Lifetime access to the replay.


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